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So long Godaddy…

There was a time when Godaddy.com was one of my favorite vendors. However, things change and so does the ever changing technology required to run a solid and fully reliable website.

For the past 6 months, I’ve been working with HVSR (www.hudsonvalleysportsreport.com) on improving their Local Sports News website which was developed in WordPress. When they told me that their website was hosted on Godaddy.com, I wasn’t concerned. This is especially because Godaddy was my #1 vendor for hosting any website that I developed in the past. Still, about 2 years ago, I started to slowly migrate the prior websites I had designed for clients from Godaddy shared hosting accounts to a dedicated web server that I rent from HostDime.com. The benefits of having a web server that you can configure anyway you want at any moment in time was a huge benefit that I was not willing to pass up.

New requirements were necessary for the HVSR website, which required additional plugins and code to be enabled. Unfortunately, the new additions required more resources from the server – resources that apparently, Godaddy could not handle too well. The main contributor/author of the HVSR website was experiencing poor performance when posting new articles and often was presented with “No Data” errors returned by the browser. Upon further research on these errors, it turns out that I was not alone in troubleshooting this annoying issue. In fact, when searching “No Data errors Godaddy”, I was presented with several different forum links with others who were NOT very happy. I tried some suggestions from the web community. None made a difference. Finally, on the evening of 1/28, I put my foot down. I emailed the owners of HVSR and said I was relocating their website to my dedicated server.

I migrated the website in the early hours of 1/29 and by 6AM, their website was running very smoothly on my dedicated server. An hour later, I received a thank you from the owner stating that he was able to post new articles without ANY issues and was very pleased with the transition.

Don’t worry Godaddy. I will still buy all my domain names from your registrar. However, your hosting services need to pay attention to the web community and improve your hosting infrastructure for WordPress-enabled websites.